How to Change a Flat Tire


Knowing how to change a flat tire is a skill most drivers should know, since it’s likely they’ll get a flat at some point in their life. That’s why the staff here at Bill Alexander Ford Lincoln has put together a short walk through of how to change a flat tire.

Start by pulling your vehicle over to a safe location. That means you should be away from any oncoming traffic and in a relatively flat area. Be sure to place your vehicle in park and have the emergency brake on before you begin removing the flat tire. Make sure you have a spare tire, tire iron, and a jack in your vehicle. You’ll need all of these to be able to change a flat tire.

Using your tire iron, loosen the wheel lugs on the flat tire. Then place the jack underneath your vehicle and begin to raise it until the vehicle and the flat tire are completely off the ground. Continue to loosen the wheel lugs until you can remove both the lugs and the flat tire off the vehicle. Take the spare tire and place it on the vehicle. Place the wheel lugs on the spare tire and tighten them with a tire iron. Once they are securely fastened, lower the jack until the car is back on the ground. Congrats, you’ve successfully changed a flat tire.

Now that you have safely replaced your flat tire with the spare tire, it’s time to schedule a service appointment for your vehicle. When you visit our service center near Yuma, AZ, our expert auto technicians will do a full check up on your car to make sure there isn’t any significant damage. They’ll also replace your spare tire with a permanent replacement so that you can continue to drive safely!

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