Drive the New Ford Focus Today: Keeping You Synced!

We at Bill Alexander Ford Lincoln know that busy people like to stay organized, which is why we suggest the compact Ford Focus! Staying in touch, using your preferred apps, and keeping everything charged is easy in the Focus. Smart-charging USB ports and FordPass will also help your schedule.

While you are driving around Yuma, the FordPass app will help you find parking, fuel and keep you updated on your service needs. If you like to compare gas prices, the app can do this for you as well. You can also see information about your Ford on the app so quick questions are easily answered.

USB ports are included in the Ford Focus. They are a great way to jump in the car and drive without worrying about charging your phone or tablet first. Just plug into the USB and go! This is a must if you hate being late and rely on the information in your smartphone.

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