The New Ford Mustang Active Performance Exhaust and Audio Engineering Features

The new lineup of Ford Mustang for 2019 is truly something unique to behold. First of all, they have literally updated everything, but it still has that classic design that everyone loves. Moreover, there is one underrated feature that many individuals with families, neighbors, and other individuals enmeshed in suburban life are quickly going to come to appreciate as well. One such perk would be the performance exhaust and audio engineering features. Consider these specifications:

The active performance exhaust and audio engineering features on the 2019 Ford Mustang can be compared to chords on a guitar.

Just like there are some chords on a guitar that are loud, and some chords that are quieter, the engineers and creators of the 2019 Ford Mustang wanted to design a car that could be all things to all men. They wanted a vehicle that would still have that heavy revving sound that the youngsters would love when they were being picked up from school but the also wanted the motor to have the ability to quiet down so it didn’t disturb spouses or neighbors. This is called audio engineering at its finest, and all you have to do is click a switch on the center console to give this Mustang a quieter and smoother ride.

Want to see this new feature in action? Come to the Bill Alexander Ford Lincoln and take one of these new Mustangs for a test drive!

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