The Highly Capable Ford EcoSport

When the residents of Yuma, AZ go looking for a new vehicle, they want one that can handle anything life throws at it. For this reason, the team here at Bill Alexander Ford Lincoln often suggests that our customers take a closer look at the new Ford EcoSport. This popular compact SUV is simply packed with interesting and innovative capability features.

If you want to conserve energy on the road, you are sure to love the EcoSport's Auto Start-Stop Technology. This feature automatically shuts down the engine when it isn't being used and starts it back up again when it is needed. Not only will you reduce your emissions with this system, but you'll also save some money at the pumps.

The new Ford EcoSport also makes it easy to get started on a hill. Its Hill Start Assist system helps you to switch from braking to accelerating without rolling backward. No need to worry about bumping into the car behind you.

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