A Quick Glance at the 2018 Ford C-Max Performance Features

If you have heard about the benefits of owning a compact hybrid, such as the 2018 Ford C-Max, then you may want to purchase one for your next vehicle. If so, the Ford C-Max provides drivers with numerous performance features that rank among the best in its class. To learn more, please read about a few of the hybrid’s performance capabilities.

Active Grille Shutters come equipped with the compact hybrid. These shutters are housed between the opening of the grille and the radiator, and they help keep the engine’s temperature at optimal levels. Moreover, the shutters will retract when the engine is cool, which will result in better aerodynamics. The C-Max also features an Electronically Continuously Controlled Variable Transmission (eCVT). This transmission is constructed in-house by Ford and provides drivers with a smooth drive and seamless transition. In addition, this transmission also stops the upshifts and downshifts that are commonly seen in conventional transmissions.

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