Louder Than Normal Sounds

One part of your vehicle that you might not pay attention to as much as the electric and operational components is the exhaust. If you have a leak in your exhaust, it can often impact your gas mileage as well as how the car sounds while you're driving.

A sure sign that you have an exhaust leak is a noticeable change in how your vehicle sounds. It will usually sound like there is no muffler on the car. If there is only a small leak, then it can sometimes sound like a hiss or a pop. There could also be a vibration in the steering wheel and the gas pedal when the car is in motion.

If you suspect that there is an exhaust leak in a car that you own or have recently purchased, then visit our service center at Bill Alexander Ford L-M in Yuma so that a qualified repairman can examine the vehicle. We only care about the safety and satisfaction of customers in every way.

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