Alignment Services Support a Smooth, Safe Ride

Whether you are driving in and around Yuma for business or pleasure, we at the Bill Alexander Ford L-M Inc can provide vehicle alignment services that ensure you will enjoy a safe and smooth ride. Most drivers don't realize how much time and money that misaligned wheels can ultimately cost them by pulling your vehicle right or left when braking and causing annoying vibrations in the steering wheel.

The longer you've been driving your vehicle over rough roads and potholes, or knocking the edge of your tires against curbing, the more likely your wheels get out of alignment. Our Bill Alexander Ford L-M Inc service department has the precise equipment necessary to measure your vehicle's wheel angles and make the proper adjustments so your car steers and drives straight.

Why not schedule a vehicle alignment inspection at the Bill Alexander Ford L-M Inc today? Properly aligned tires not only last longer, you will notice improved gas mileage and a much smoother, safer driving experience.

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