Your 2017 Ford Focus May Need Recall Repairs

You may need to bring your 2017 Ford Focus in to our service center at Bill Alexander Ford in Yuma for important safety repairs. Ford has identified a problem which could cause the rear driver's-side passenger seat to perform inadequately in a collision.

Are you affected by the recall?

Even if you drive a 2017 Ford Focus, your vehicle may not be affected. Only about 700 vehicles in the U.S. are under recall for this problem, built between June 7 and June 12, 2017 at the Michigan Assembly Plant.

If you are unsure, call our service department at (888) 452-8376.

Is the problem serious?

Inadequate welding between the outboard pivot bracket and the pivot nut joint may reduce strength of the seat back. This is a direct safety risk for any passenger in the second-row left-hand-side seat. We are unsure of the magnitude of risk, but if the defect could cause the rear passenger to strike the back of the driver's seat in a collision, the driver could be at risk, too.

Ford does not know of anyone who has been injured as a result of this defect, but the potential is serious. We recommend bringing your vehicle in for repair as soon as possible if it is under recall.

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